A downloadable game for Windows


A name of terror.

...A name of battle.

The warriors who sailed the seven seas. The barbarians who

brought all of Scandanavia to heel. Indeed, the Vikings

were enemies to be reckoned with.

They were also totally rad.

Whilst not pillaging their way through the homelands

of those unfortunate enough to be deemed their enemies, the

warriors kicked back and made the most of their downtime the

only way fitting for the noblest warrior.

By getting some air.

It is a little known fact that it was the Vikings who first

discovered the combination of skates and a board. Originally

conceived as a siege weapon, the skateboard saw the Vikings

through many long seasons, giving birth to the legendary race

of the most awesome notoriety.

Install instructions

Download by clicking Skate Vikings.zip and unzip all it's contents anywhere in your PC. Run by clicking the .exe file


2-4 player ( intended for Xbox360 controllers, supports keyboard )

Each player has 20 hit points, the purpose of the game is to kill your opponents by hitting them until they lose all hit points.

The more speed you have the stronger your hit become.

Xbox Controls:

RB - push to the right

LB - push to left

A - Jump

B - Hit


B + Up - Uppercut

B + Down (in the Air) - Downward Smash

B + Right/Left (In the Air) - 360 Whirlwind

Keyboard Controls:

D - push to the right

A - push to left

W - Jump

Spacebar - Hit


Spacebar + Up - Uppercut

Spacebar + Down (in the Air) - Downward Smash

Spacebar + Right/Left (In the Air) - 360 Whirlwind


Skate Vikings.zip 16 MB